We are not only what we eat, but how and what we digest

We are not only what we eat, but how and what we digest

We are not only what we eat… but how and what we digest.

Heartburn, nausea, indigestion, diarrhea… you’ve heard it you’ve felt it. Our digestion should be smooth sailing from start to end, symptoms of indigestion of any kind are clues that we may not be getting all the nutrients we need from the food and supplements we take. Every facet of health or “dis-ease” can be affected by poor digestion because of malabsorption of nutrients, inappropriate inflammation and toxic debris. For example, muscle tissue needs a steady and large supply of a calcium/magnesium ratio. When we are lacking in these nutrients muscle pain or weakness can occur. Even if you take a large amount of these minerals but have low stomach acid you will not absorb them and come to the conclusion that the nutrients did not work.

Our digestion is a complex process including salivary enzymes, mechanical and chemical breakdown, stomach acid, pancreatic enzymes and secretions, liver secretions, tons of beneficial bacteria, absorptive cells, peristalsis and more!

Most current treatments for digestive symptoms are to cover those symptoms and frequently to inhibit digestive process by blocking stomach acid. Where as to actually enhance and optimize digestion supporting the digestive process and strengthening it is what is needed.

Symptoms of low stomach acid
Belching after meals
Bloating after meals
Food sits in stomach
Diarrhea in morning
Coated tongue
Not improving from mineral or herb use

Symptoms of low digestive enzymes
Gas and bloating hours after eating
Excessive gas
Constipation or diarrhea or alternating
Undigested food in stool
Greasy or floating stool
Vitamin deficiencies
Eat healthy but don’t improve in health
Weak nails
Food allergies
Small bumps on skin

Create optimal digestion to Be Well…

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What we eat today impacts our grandchildren…

What we eat today impacts our grandchildren…

What we eat today impacts our grandchildren…

There is an emerging field called epigenetics, or in other words, we influence or genes!
We have control over much of how our genetic blueprint is expressed by the every day choices we make.  There is only about 8% that we cannot control

This means that every chemical, nutrient, thought, radio wavelength, emotion and breath is shaping not only ourselves, but the state of health of our world in the future.  This new science should make us all really think twice about if we are choosing organic, non-GMO, grass-fed, non-processed healthy food!

Don’t let this depress us, let it inspire us, let it motivate us and challenge us to make the very best choices for the most vital future!  The time is NOW!  Get fid of toxins, Get full of micronutrients!

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Food Plague

Food Plague

Food Plague, by Arden Andersen, DO, MSPH, PHD

“There are many topics to cover regarding health, food quality, and longevity.  Fundamentally, the most important aspect is nutrition: specifically, what vitamins, minerals, amino acids, proteins, fatty acids, antioxidants and phytonutrients will the food provide.  Unfortunately most people, especially doctors turn to dieticians for “nutritional” information and advice.  Dieticians are trained in the art of fats, proteins and carbohydrates: balancing energy, following the USDA contrived food pyramid, which only guarantees the sale of more junk agricultural commodities and perpetuation of human suffering and disease.  

Hospital dietary plans are a good example of what not to eat.  NUTRITION is what needs to be addressed: specifically, that which is contained in the food coming of the farm.  Everything else is secondary to the nutrient value of the food because the body’s ability to function properly, fully in a healthy state is determined by what nutrition is taken in by the body.  Certainly there are concerns for pesticide and chemical residues, toxic metals, and pathogens: however the body’s ability to deal with these assaults is entirely determined by the comprehensiveness by the of the nutrition taken in via the food and supplementation.”

As a Clinical Nutritionist with a Master’s degree I am trained in biochemistry, cellular biology and metabolic pathways.  I also have much education in exercise science, psychology and brain chemistry.  I point this out not to toot my own horn but to differentiate the care one receives from different professionals.  I work with my clients on a personal and individual level not only with calories and macronutrient (proteins, carbs, fats) recommendations, but with micronutrients (vitamins, minerals, phytochemicals, fatty acids), metabolic disturbances (food allergies, detoxification, etc.) and behavioral and emotional aspects of eating.

Chapter 1.
” Our bodies are complex organisms, electrical in nature, consisting of trillions of cells made up of at least eighty different minerals, thousands of different proteins, fatty acids, organic acids, lipids, sugars and of course water.  Our cells undergo billions (yes billions with a “b”) atomic and molecular reactions every second.  The efficiency and effectiveness of these reactions depend upon the adequacy and balance of all the nutrients involved, directly and indirectly.  One missing or inadequately supplied nutrient disrupts the entire metabolic factory or worst case, can shut down entire metabolic pathway.”

This is exactly true and is why I have invested my time, energy and money to study Functional Medicine.  Metabolic testing for nutrients, allergies, detoxification, etc. is the way we will truly be able to manifest vibrant health.  WE now have the possibility at looking at our own individual nutrient needs.  Let’s test… NOT Guess!    

I am so excited to offer Nutrition Based Health Care through cutting edge research.  We can feel and look our best when we give the body what it needs and remove what is inhibiting optimal function.  Let’s get it done today!


Functional Nutrition Testing

Functional Nutrition Testing

I have always been passionate for learning how the body works and functions… optimally!

Over the last few years I have been studying Functional Medicine, this is an ongoing long process as there are so many precise functions with in our amazing body.
I now am offering Functional Nutrition Testing as part of my toolbox to help you feel and look your best.
Food allergy antibody tests are becoming more routine as our immune systems are reacting unknowingly to many different foods we sometimes wouldn’t expect causing a plethora of symptoms including: weight gain, fatigue, digestive complains, etc.
The metabolic profile is my favorite (although most expensive) because it can uncover blocks or imbalances in our metabolism, detoxification and digestion. This test is perfect for those who are stuck in their weight loss and energy even after detoxing and increasing their activity level.
Please let me know if you would like more information on testing!
Gas & Bloating

Gas & Bloating

Female Age 29- Gas & Bloating continually, sinus infections, loss of smell.

GI MAP testing – we found yeast and unfriendly bacteria.
Plan: Elimination of food allergies & 4 weeks of therapeutic nutrition.
Day two of program- NO GAS!
Day 7- smell returned
Day 21 – Still no gas!
Trying to be Healthy…

Trying to be Healthy…

What is health really? Is it merely the absence of disease… are we either healthy or diseased? Is there not a very large GREY area…

I don’t want to just be healthy I want to be vibrant, fantastic, energized!

Where are you on the health scale?


Wherever we are, we can move towards vibrant one step at a time, the challenge in this crazy life is HOW .

I have found that intentions are key. I intend to be healthy daily, I make choices and decisions and began this practice long ago. I live in balance and truly enjoy yummy indulgences and also truly enjoy the plethora of veggies I eat too!

Health is a journey.. there is no end. We have to enjoy the process if we are to progress.

Learn to let go of struggle, let go of fear, release the need for perfection and surrender to the unfolding of your body’s natural desire for wellness. Make little choices daily, set your intention towards feeling optimal.