Did you Know?

The mineral magnesium has over 300 functions in our human body: peristalsis in our intestines, relaxation of the heart muscle, dilation of the arteries, manufacture of energy and assisting in calcium absorption are just a few!

February 25, 2022

January 2019 I took a good hard look at myself in the mirror and I didn’t like what I saw. It’s not as if I had some dramatic event that caused what I was seeing it was just a slow build up over time. I stepped on the scale and weighed a whopping 265 lbs. I thought there had to be a mistake, the scale must not be functioning properly, so I checked the tags on my clothes and sure enough I was wearing XXL shirts and size 44 pants. I knew that in my mid 30s making subtle changes weren’t going to cut it I needed to really get serious if I wanted to get healthy and I needed someone that could teach me what I didn’t know. I found Cheri at Well Balanced Nutrition & More. She taught me about what I was actually putting in my body versus what me body actually needed to perform at it’s peak. Out went the drive thru bags and in came the greens, the veggies, the fruits, and the wholesome home cooked meals. Out went the soda and in came water and natural alternatives. The journey wasn’t easy, but she supported me, guided me, and taught me. She even found ways to incorporate the foods I loved like pizza and pasta into a healthy diet by elevating the ingredients. It took a year and a lot of hard work but It paid off. I walk around now 80 lbs lighter wearing medium shirts and a size 32 pant. I now legitimately look forward to eating a salad, I only shop organic produce, and I look for new ideas to add into my cooking repertoire. I finally figured out how to eat healthy and still look forward to meals full of flavor! Thank you Cheri for guiding me on my journey!