Did you Know?

The mineral magnesium has over 300 functions in our human body: peristalsis in our intestines, relaxation of the heart muscle, dilation of the arteries, manufacture of energy and assisting in calcium absorption are just a few!

October 24, 2013

7am – Cuties tangerine juice 8am- Cacao Sprouted Cereal with almondplus milk 8:30am circuit workout 11am- Leftover cod mixed with quinoa and onions. Orange. 1:30pm- Goat Protein sample with almond milk & goat yogurt sample 4:15-6:15pm taught classes 7pm- PaleoCleanse smoothie 9pm- Kelp noodles simmered in Victoria pasta sauce with chopped Hempler’s chicken sausage, celery & onions. Celery & Hope hummus. 10pm- Merry’s coconut tart