Did you Know?

The mineral magnesium has over 300 functions in our human body: peristalsis in our intestines, relaxation of the heart muscle, dilation of the arteries, manufacture of energy and assisting in calcium absorption are just a few!

March 7, 2022

A year ago I started this journey. I was having digestive problems and my regular MD didn’t really help much. I made an appointment with Cheri. I was hesitant because I was not educated enough to know about how a nutritionist could help. After talking to Cheri she was very smart and confident . I liked that she explained the whys and what steps I needed to do. She took her time even though I was nervous. She gave me a plan of what foods to stay away from and what I could eat. I also had to take supplements . It wasnt an easy road in the beginning especially cutting out my fav foods but I was proactive about getting my health back. Every few months or so I touched base with Cheri she was very knowledgeable and kept a positive attitude! Which helpzd me. Well here I am a year later and can honestly say I have never felt better!! I have lots of energy and feel great! Cheri helped me get my life back to healthy! Don’t hesitate if you are having questionable health issues go in and talk to Cheri she will definitely change your life for the good!