Did you Know?

The mineral magnesium has over 300 functions in our human body: peristalsis in our intestines, relaxation of the heart muscle, dilation of the arteries, manufacture of energy and assisting in calcium absorption are just a few!

October 16, 2013

Tuesday 8:30am – PaleoCleanse & Unsweet Flax Milk 9:30am – Taught Yoga 10:30am – Banana 11:30am – Merry’s coconut tart 2pm- Kelp noodles simmered in Victoria’s pasta sauce & Vegan cheese & 4 oz of Grass fed steak. 4:pm – Just Great Stuff Bar 4:15pm- Taught yoga 6:30pm Taught Cycle Class 7:30pm Team Workout 8:30pm – Pumpkin smoothie 9:30pm- Chopped tomato & green pepper with balsamic vinegar & a handful of pickled Snap peas