I started the detox last week. I just have to say that I have never felt better. After I got over the first day’s caffeine headache, I have felt so good. I literally have not one ounce of a craving for sugar or caffeine… tow of my major additions! And I’ve lost 5 pounds to top it off!!


I am so much healthier and in better condition today then when I was younger. Cheri has taught me how to listen to my body and all about proper nutrition. Clean eating and exercise has become a life style vs fad diets that don’t really work. If you are ready to change your life and become a healthier you I highly recommend working with Cheri.


If you want to get healthy and fit I can personally recommend Cheri, I went to her many years ago to figure out my personal nutrition needs and fitness challenges and found that I didn’t know how to read labels on food from the grocery store nor how to feed my body properly, after working with Cheri on nutrition and fitness I lost 50 pounds , gained muscle and now know how to eat correctly, It has been almost 10 years and I am still healthy and fit both physically and nutritionally , I would give her 5 stars for her expertise in Nutrition and Fitness . I am 64 years old and with Cheri’s help I still work out 4-5 days a week and with proper nutrition feel like I am 34.


A year ago I started this journey. I was having digestive problems and my regular MD didn’t really help much. I made an appointment with Cheri. I was hesitant because I was not educated enough to know about how a nutritionist could help. After talking to Cheri she was very smart and confident . I liked that she explained the whys and what steps I needed to do. She took her time even though I was nervous. She gave me a plan of what foods to stay away from and what I could eat. I also had to take supplements . It wasnt an easy road in the beginning especially cutting out my fav foods but I was proactive about getting my health back. Every few months or so I touched base with Cheri she was very knowledgeable and kept a positive attitude! Which helpzd me. Well here I am a year later and can honestly say I have never felt better!! I have lots of energy and feel great! Cheri helped me get my life back to healthy! Don’t hesitate if you are having questionable health issues go in and talk to Cheri she will definitely change your life for the good!


In April of 2014 I started with Cheri to help me make better and healthier food decisions for my body. I suffer from an overabundance of Candida in my body. Cheri and I reviewed what my concerns were and over the next few weeks worked out a comfortable eating plan for me to follow. I was stubborn at first and would make bad decisions here and there but after a couple stomach flare ups I learned what my body could tolerate and what I couldn’t. It’s amazing once you start eating and drinking clean foods your whole body feels so much more alive and full of energy. I have learned that having Cheri as my nutritionist I actually know through trial and error what is the best food for me to eat. Each week we went through my weekly food diary and discussed any problems I had or noticed. She would have me try new things and gave me great recipes to try at home. The supplements that Cheri recommends for me have helped tremendously. She helped me with a shopping list of foods to have on hand and after 2 months I am doing much better.